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When the parties to a contract, or to some other commercial transaction, find themselves at odds with one another and when they cannot amicably resolve their differences, Beattie Padovano’s skilled and experienced litigators are prepared and qualified to go to court to protect our clients’ rights.  The Beattie Padovano litigation practice group is comprised of attorneys who have handled, and who do handle, a wide range of cases from the routine to the complex.  Cases dealing with contract enforcement, real estate and lease disputes, construction problems, will contests, environmental contamination, intellectual property matters, regulatory administration, land development disputes and corporate disputes of all types, are areas where our litigators at Beattie Padovano can help you navigate the stormy waters of litigation.

Beattie Padovano, LLC represents national and international companies as well as local New Jersey entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals in all types of corporate, commercial and personal disputes.

Also, in the constantly changing areas of the law, litigators at Beattie Padovano have stayed current with the growing area of alternatives to litigation, including arbitrations, mediations and the expanding area of alternative dispute resolution. Members of our litigation group have taken a leading role in these developing practice areas so the firm can bring significant experience to solving client problems that lend themselves to these alternatives.

In addition, foremost in our philosophy, as trained and experienced litigators, is the view that we do not engage in frivolous litigation but we use our skills to help our clients avoid time consuming and costly litigation, wherever possible.